Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies are part of the much larger organisation of the SVP. Our KS2 children are extremely excited and looking forward to all the upcoming activities. 

Years 3-6 are represented and all members demonstrate how they are filled with God's love by their willingness to help others, as they put their faith into action. Their motto is 'Turning Concern into Action'. 

The group meets on a regular basis to pray, discuss concerns they may have and plan events to help put their concerns into action. With that in mind, they help to organise and participate in events for the common good and Catholic life of the school.

As Mini Vinnies they embrace the 3 key points to: 'see', 'think' and 'do'.

If you would like to find out more about the Mini Vinnies then why not have a look at their website below

If anyone has any ideas or activities that they would like the Mini Vinnies to be involved with then please speak to one of the Mini Vinnies team.