Prayer & Liturgy

Prayer and Liturgy

At St. Peter’s it is our priority to provide our children with experiences of prayer and liturgy. Prayer is at the heart of our school. Staff join together in prayer every morning and children share an act of collective worship with their teacher, or an assembly, at the start of the day. During this, children are given the opportunity to pray and listen to the word of God through the ‘reflection for the week.’

During whole school worship, children are reflective and show they are aware of the importance of praying together as a whole school community through their behaviour.  Other prayer times also include before and after lunch, and at the end of the school day.

Children in upper KS2 lead a Gospel Liturgy on a weekly basis. 

We also use the Ten Ten prayer resources and the Mark 10 Mission liturgies.


Monday – Whole school assembly (led by a member of SLT) centred around our Values.

Tuesday – Class prayer and liturgy

Wednesday – Class/ key stage Assemblies linked to our values/ gospel values, themes from RE scheme and significant dates – led by class teachers.

Thursday – Class prayer and liturgy

Friday – Whole school celebration Assembly (led by SLT) and Class prayer and liturgy.


Play music, sit in a certain way, lighting a range of candles, looking at a thought provoking picture, artefact or resource and more.


Readings from the bible, Listening to world news, listening to psalms, listening to prayers, sharing a story or a hymn, acting out the Gospel and more. 


Write a post-it, write a prayer, activity E.G. art, open prayer, pass the candle and more. 

Go Forth

Take something home, complete a special weekly challenge, remember something and more

Celebration Assembly
Ten Ten: Prayers for home